Warehouse slotting software to improve your warehouse performance

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December 4, 2022
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Warehouse slotting software to improve your warehouse performance

If you are running your warehouse the old-fashioned way with paper trails and Excel documents, it might be time to rethink your warehouse slotting strategy. Before we delve into what new-age warehouse slotting software can do for your warehouse or distribution business, let’s take a quick look at what warehouse slotting entails.

The systematic analysis of inventory data for the goal of classifying and allocating goods within a warehouse or distribution centre, is known as warehouse slotting. To increase the overall effectiveness of your operations, your warehouse slotting should be optimised for maximum efficiency and performance. An effective warehouse slotting strategy is focussed on improved handling and workflow brought about by faster throughput, which in turn will ensure customer satisfaction and boosts revenue.

Why you should implement a digital warehouse slotting system

Many warehouses and distribution centres still use outdated methods when it comes to warehouse slotting. The growing demands of customers in the fast-paced digital world of today, have resulted in warehouses to seek new ways of operating their business, to both speed up, and improve accuracy of warehouse operations. Modern warehouse slotting software will do just that, and more.

The ultimate objective of Warehouse Slotting Optimisation Software is to speed up, simplify, and increase the effectiveness of both picking and replenishing. There are a number of factors to take into account when slotting a warehouse, to ensure efficiency and the best performance. Warehouse slotting software is designed to help you n developing the best warehouse slotting strategy. Slotting of goods can be categorised in terms of weight, stackability, product dimensions, product groupings (such as customer, family, vendor), product characteristics (for example temperature needs, flammability, expiration) and more.

Signs that you need a new slotting solution

Well, if you are considering new software or solutions for your slotting strategy, it is already an indication that something is not working at an optimal level, or that your warehouse/ distribution centre is experiencing issues of some sorts. But here are also a few tell-tale signs that your business might be in dire need of a modern warehouse slotting solution:

  • Congestion or obstructions in the pick paths
  • Delays cause by pickers waiting on products
  • Items in prime picking areas are collecting dust
  • Pickers are reaching for top shelves for popular items
  • High rates of damaged goods

These are only a few problems that indicate that your warehouse or distribution centre is in need of a new warehouse slotting optimisation software.

Leading warehouse optimisation software suppliers

4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation provide warehouses and distribution centres with modern digital Warehouse Optimisation Software to meet the demanding needs of their customers. 4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation will help your warehouse / distribution company step into the future of digital warehouse slotting techniques, so that your business can stay relevant with the times and gain advantage over competitors. Warehouse Optimisation Software suppliers like 4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation will ensure that your warehouse reaches its full potential and grows to the next level by purely optimising your warehouses operations, offer better decision-making and improve problem solving.

Get in touch with 4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation for the information you need, and to get started with the modern way of warehouse slotting.