Tips for first time property renters

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Tips for first time property renters

Regardless of whether you are buying or renting a property, moving into a new home is a big and exciting event . It is important to spend enough time and research on finding the perfect home for you. If it is your first time renting a flat, apartment or house, you might have a few questions and things you are unsure of. We have put together a list of important aspects to consider, what to look for and what to ask when renting a property.

  • Use a trusted rental agency

Make sure you use a trusted property rental agency with a traceable track record. There are a lot of scammers around, and it is important to protect yourself against these fraudsters. DO your homework on the rental agent property, visit the office if possible, always view the property and NEVER make a payment before signing a contract and ensuring that everything is legit.

  • The right location

Location is probably one of the most important aspects to consider when renting or buying a new property. Visit the area a few times, at night too if possible, to make sure that it is close enough for your daily commute, and to other amenities you need to travel to  like schools, shops and clinics. You will get a feel for the location once you have visited it.

  • What’s in the contract?

Always read the rental contract property, including the fine print. It is important to familiarise yourself with any rules regarding the rental property, such as the permission of pets, smoking, prohibited behaviour etc.

  • Your rental budget

Choose a property that you will be able to afford, without breaking the bank. There are a number of affordable properties to rent available, ensuring that you will find a property that fits your pocket. Check out these budget friendly properties to rent in Vanderbijlpark, flats and apartments to rent in Alberton, as well as a number of properties / accommodation to rent in Meyerton.

  • Take inventory

Remember to make not of all extras included in the rental property agreement. Also, make notes of any damage you can see, holes drilled in walls etc. It is important to record every flaw the property, even if it seems insignificant at the time.

This will help you to avoid any potential claims or disputes that could occur in the future regarding damage to the property, protecting you from unwanted financial claims.

  • The payment of a deposit

Once you are completely happy with the property, location and the lease agreement is signed, you will need to pay a deposit upfront for the rental property. Again, make sure that everything is in order, before paying the deposit! Never pay a rental deposit before viewing the property and signing the contract.

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