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Leading Light Steel Frame Supplier – Staalbeer

Light Steel Frames have become a popular choice for roof trusses over the last few years, and when considering all the benefits, it is easy to see why. This modern roof truss solution offers a number of advantages when compared to its peers, making it the preferred choice of roofing material amongst construction companies and their clients. Read more about the 5 main advantages of Light Steel Frames for roof trusses, and see why you should choose this material for your building project.

5 Advantages of Light Steel Frames

  1. Price – Cost plays a big role when it comes to making decisions in construction, and finding ways to cut costs without cutting corners is important in the building industry. Light steel frames offer an ideal cost-effective solution by offering affordable building material that is of excellent quality to ensure the best results.
  2. Faster construction times – Building with Light Steel Frames offer shorter construction times. Parts are often pre-engineered, and ready to assemble on site. Pre-fabricated Light Steel Frame roof trusses from Staalbeer will help speed up your construction project.
  3. Strength and durability – Durability is another reason for choosing steel for your roofing or construction project. Steel is a very strong and durable material, that will provide lasting results. Very little maintenance is required to keep the steel structure in a good condition. It performs well under harsh weather conditions, and can withstand high winds, sun and rain, as well as fire and even earthquakes.
  4. Design versatility – The sky is the limit when it comes to steel structure designs, literally. Design possibilities are endless when using steel frame structures, and steel is extremely versatile and suitable for various applications.
  5. The environmentally friendly choice – Another benefit that is becoming increasingly more important, is the fact that steel is 100% recyclable, and is the most recycled material today. This makes light frames steel roof trusses environmentally friendly.

Get your Light Steel Frames from Staalbeer

Staalbeer is a leading name in the steel building product manufacturing business, supplying a wide range of steel building products, including Light Steel Frames / Trusses for roofing projects. Staalbeer can design, manufacture and deliver any shape or size light steel frame roof trusses, floor joists and awnings you need for your roofing and construction project.

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