A beautiful tombstone to honour your loved-one

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October 6, 2022
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A beautiful tombstone to honour your loved-one

Unfortunately, when losing a loved-one, there are a number of arrangements that need to be made. Choosing a tombstone for a loved-one’s grave is not an easy thing to do, because losing a family member, partner or friend is a sad and difficult time.

Planning a funeral includes the selection of a headstone for the grave, which is erected on the grave after the ground has settled. Most people put a lot of thought into the selection of a headstone, as this monument will provide a place where they can go to visit and think about the memories of the person and the moments they spent together. This tombstone gives you the opportunity to honour and commemorate your loved-one’s life here on earth.

A tombstone and message should be carefully selected, as it expresses the feeling of love for the person that has passed on. This is why gravestones often have symbols of love engraved onto them such as symbols, hearts, flowers, angels, and special messages that portray the love others had for the individual. The selection of a tombstone and all the details included is thus very special and unique, and not just a way to mark a grave.

How to choose a headstone for your loved-one’s grave

When it comes to selecting a headstone, people have different ideas, needs and budgets. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a tombstone:

  • The budget: One of the deciding factors when choosing a headstone, is the budget that you have available for it. Headstones are available in various price ranges, and ultimately, the bigger the headstone, the more material is required, the more expensive the headstone will be. Other factors that influence the price of the tombstone, are the type of material used, and whether you choose a standard or custom design. Discuss your tombstone budget with a tombstone supplier.
  • Design of the headstone: The selection is endless when looking at headstone designs. Whether you are looking for something small and sweet for a child’s grave, a simplistic standard design, or something big and elaborate – you will find a tombstone that meets what you have in mind.
  • Material: There are a number of materials to choose from, including marble, granite and cement. Granite is an excellent choice for headstones, as it is one of the strongest materials, and is also very beautiful.
  • Message on the tombstone: This might be the part that people put most thought into, as they want to say something special about their loved-one, that is meaningful and purposeful. Choose a message, poem or scripture that has meaning to the individual, to capture the essence of the deceased.

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A headstone should last for many years, which is why it is important to make use of a trusted tombstone supplier, like Tombco, for the best results. When relying on Tombco as your headstone supplier, you are ensured of a proudly South African company with a passion for what they do. Tombco is willing and able to accommodate special request, and will go the extra mile to help you obtain a headstone for your loved-one’s grave that meets all your requirements.

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