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Leading Fertilizer Supplier in South Africa – Kynoch

The right fertilizer can help you achieve excellent crops by improving crop quality and yield potential. If you are researching fertilizer products in search of the best fertilizer for your specific crop, let Kynoch Fertilizer assist. Kynoch is a leading fertilizer producer in South Africa, that has developed of a range of fertilizers products that are crop specific and growth stage specific. This means that your specific crop will get the nutrients it needs, at the growth stage it is required most.

For more information about Kynoch’s wide range of fertilizer products, contact the leading fertilizer producer today. The professional team of consultants and agriculturalists at Kynoch will help you to obtain the best combination of fertilizer products for your specific crop. Get the best from your crops with the help of Kynoch on your farm.

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Fertilizer products for different crop types by Kynoch

Kynoch have developed specialized fertilizer products for different crop types, which include:

  • Fertilizer for Maize: Kynoch has designed a specific blend of fertilizer for maize crops that will give your maize plants the nutrients it needs, at the time it is required. Kynoch’s Maize OEMFF® will enhance crop quality and performance. Combine Maize OEMFF®  with Kynoch’s other fertilizer products for the best results.
  • Fertilizer for Wheat: Kynoch developed Wheat OEMFF®, which has been designed to supply your wheat plants with all the essential nutrients it needs at the growth stage the crop needs it most. Talk to a consultant about combining Wheat OEMFF®  with other essential wheat fertilizers from Kynoch for the best results.
  • Fertilizer for Pastures: If you wish to improve the quality and yield potential of your pastures, Kynoch’s Pasture OEMFF® is the fertilizer you need. Grow luscious green and nutrient rich pastures by applying Kynoch’s Pasture OEMFF®, which has been designed to meet the nutrient needs of pastures.
  • Fertilizer for Sunflower:  Improve the quality and yield potential of your sunflowers. Kynoch’s Sunflower OEMFF® has been developed to meet the specific nutrient needs of Sunflower crops, which will help prevent lush green foliage and promote flower growth.
  • Fertilizer for Soya: If you want to give your Soybean crops the start it needs, apply Soya OEMFF®  designed by Kynoch. Soya OEMFF®  will help to improve the performance of your Soya / Soybean crops. Promote crop quality, growth and yield potential with the right fertilizer products for your Soya crops. .
  • Fertilizer for Vegetables: Improve the quality and yield of your vegetables with Veggie OEMFF® from Kynoch. Veggie OEMFF® together with other essential fertilizer products have been specially formulated to meet the needs of the specific growth stages of your vegetable crops.
  • Fertilizer for Sugar Cane: Give your sugarcane crops the boost it needs with Sugarcane OEMFF® from Kynoch. This fertilizer product has been developed to complement the macro and micro nutritional requirements of the sugar cane plant at the specific phenological stage.

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Kynoch is not only a leading fertilizer producer, but offers a comprehensive service to our clients in the farming industry. Kynoch’s team will assist with:

  • Soil analysis
  • Tank mixing
  • Precision agriculture

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