FSG Property Services – Landscaping, Hygiene, Office Cleaning

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FSG Property Services – Landscaping, Hygiene, Office Cleaning

When it comes to property enhancement service providers in Johannesburg and Pretoria, there is no better company than FSG Property Services to assist. FSG Property Services provide a range of essential services for companies, businesses, commercial buildings and estates to maintain, clean and enhance the appearance and state of their building and garden / outdoor area. Trust FSG Property Services for a professional, comprehensive and cost-effective service when it comes to your companies needs.

Contact FSG Property Services today for more information about the range of services available, and a detailed description of what each service includes. The team will tailor a service package that meets your company needs and your budget.

Range of property services provided by FSG

  • Office cleaning: The cleanliness of your office directly affects your company image. An office should be clean and neat at all times, providing a clean space for employees to work in and a satisfying customer experience. Keep your office clean and free of dirt, grime, dust and germs by hiring a professional office cleaning company for the job. FSG Property Services will supply a professional team and all the necessary equipment and products to get the job done effectively. Let the team from FSG Property Services clean your office efficiently and thoroughly so that you, your employees and customers can enjoy a clean premises.
  • Company hygiene solutions: Company hygiene is extremely important, and should be included in every company’s policies. Every workplace needs to implement necessary hygiene measures not just for the sake of having a good reputation and the image of the company, but also for health and safety benefits of the employees, customers and visitors. FSG Property Services will help you to implement a good hygiene policy in your company and will customise a hygiene solution that will meet your company needs. FSG Hygiene Services include equipment rentals or purchase, consumables supply (toilet paper, soap, paper towels etc.) deep cleaning, pest control, ablution deep cleaning, grease tap dosing stations and more.
  • Landscaping & Garden maintenance: Let your company or business make a good first impression to clients by keeping your garden and outdoor area in a clean and well-maintained state.  FSG offers a professional corporate garden maintenance service for commercial, estate and body corporate garden maintenance needs. FSG offers a comprehensive landscaping and garden maintenance service in Johannesburg and Pretoria.
  • Security solutions: FSG is a professional security company, providing a comprehensive solution for company / estate and commercial security needs. From the installation of security measures like CCTV, alarm systems and access control systems, to a guarding service for your premises, FSG can assist. Secure your premises with the help of a professional security company. View FSG’s range of security solutions.
  • Office supply rentals: FSG also supplies rentals of other office essentials such as office plants, water coolers and coffee machines.  Enquire about our office supply rentals today to enjoy these benefits.

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FSG have made property services easy and hassle free for clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria – Get all your property enhancement and supporting services all in one place – Contact the leading property enhancement service providers today regarding the services you require for your company.