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January 29, 2019
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Leading Concrete Drilling and Cutting Specialists – Rapid Coring SA

When it comes to concrete drilling, cutting and sawing, it is best to let an experienced core drilling company assist. The team at Rapid Coring SA are concrete cutting and drilling specialists, assisting clients across the country with all their concrete coring needs. Concrete coring is a highly specialised field within construction, that requires the use of specialised equipment, and a skilled team of operators for successful results. During construction projects, concrete often needs to be drilled and cut through for certain tasks, such as the installation of pipes and plumbing, electrical cables, optic fibre and more.

If you are in need of a concrete cutting and drilling company to drill, cut through or remove concrete professionally, contact the leading concrete coring company in South Africa today. Let Rapid Coring SA assist with all your core drilling, cutting and sawing needs.

Concrete Coring Services by Rapid Coring SA

You can expect a professional service when trusting Rapid Coring SA’s trained and experienced team. Rapid Coring SA uses modern and effective coring techniques to ensure the best results for clients. State-of-the-art diamond drilling and cutting equipment, combined with expertise and experience, allows Rapid Coring SA to provide coring services with excellent results.

Rapid Coring SA assists a number of construction companies in South Africa to complete their coring needs, drilling holes and removing concrete for the installation of plumbing, cables, piping, optic fibre, stitch drilling as well as test concrete coring requirements. Our coring services include:

  • Wet Concrete drilling for reinforced concrete
  • Dry Concrete drilling for masonry
  • Wire concrete cutting and rigging
  • Circular blade concrete cutting and rigging
  • Seal and joints concrete cutting

Rapid Coring SA also specialise in the demolition of concrete structures and foundation, as well as the installation of chemical anchors. Here are a few reasons why you can trust Rapid Coring SA for your concrete coring needs:

  • Experienced and reliable team: The team from Rapid Coring SA possess years of experience and expertise in the field of concrete drilling and cutting. Concrete drilling is a task that should be taken on by a professional, to ensure the desired results are achieved. You can also rely on the team from Rapid Coring SA for a timely, efficient and professional job, that will meet your expectations.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and techniques: Rapid Coring SA makes use of specialised diamond tools, providing effective concrete cutting and drilling abilities. Wet concrete drilling techniques are used for reinforced concrete, and dry drilling techniques are used for masonry. Rapid Coring SA use various methods for concrete cutting and sawing, depending on the project requirements. Our expertise and equipment minimise damage to concrete, leaving little to no aftercare work.
  • Competitive prices: Rapid Coring SA aims to provide competitive concrete coring prices in South Africa, get a quote today for your coring project.
  • Satisfying results: We will always aim for the best results for our clients, which include smooth surfaces, little to no damage to surrounding concrete, and an excellent clean-up service after concrete removal.

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